Wednesday, 28 September 2011



What C.I.A stands for? [Bukan agent rahsia k..] Hmm, its a nick n manja name of me. To pronounce it, ‘chi--are..’ Doesn’t it sound easier to remember instead of calling long name? Hehe..But I still love my ‘parent-giving-name’ : NAZIRAH, because it’s simple and sgt dekat di hatiku..[mcm tv9 plakk..hehe]
Ok, back to the session, Act. my new hobby and beramah mesra ni adalah with this newborn blog. Its my 1st step for the upcoming plan and target..mcm2 idea berkelana di dalam otak teman ni..but it must be focusing into my 1st runner-up hobby - - - -> sewing!!

I really love to sew things like curtains, [I sew curtains at my mom house at teluk intan, during my wedding day], bags, pouch, dan mcm2 mende pelik la saya nk sampai la ni xberkesempatan lg nak bergiat secara, saya memang lemah-mamah bab jahit-mahit baju kurung ni..xminat sgt n xpandai pun..hehe. myb coz ramai sgt yg sew this kind of clothes. [alasan..hehe]. xpela.. akan ku usaha ke arah itu insyaallah..

Saya ni a mommy of a bam-bam baby name NUR QISYA SAFIYA aged 5 months old and a wife to MOHD AZRI ABD AZIZ. My other new hobby [berape byk hobby da..] for the time being is QISYA!! My qisya byk jd experiment baru saya. hehe. Everyday is an excitement for me since she comes to this world! Mummy Qiss Qisya k? hehe.

Welcome to the world my lovely dear!!!

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